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Welcome to the insights page of Avance Consulting Services, your gateway to thought leadership in the world of IT recruitment and consulting. As a global leader in our field, we pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our knowledge, and we are thrilled to share our industry perspectives with you.

In an era of rapid digital transformation and technological advancement, navigating the world of IT recruitment can be complex and challenging. Here at Avance, we leverage our expansive understanding of the sector to offer unrivaled insights, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve.

Our articles delve into a multitude of topics spanning from talent acquisition strategies, workforce planning, industry trends, to the impact of emerging technologies in the recruitment landscape. We continually adapt our knowledge base to the evolving demands of the market, ensuring our insights remain relevant, timely, and beneficial to both businesses and job seekers.

Our thought leadership is driven by our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer success. We believe that sharing our expertise not only enlightens our clients and candidates but also fosters a collaborative environment that fuels the ongoing growth and transformation of the IT industry.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a business seeking to optimize your recruitment process, or someone looking to break into the IT industry, our insights page offers a wealth of information designed to guide, inspire, and empower. We invite you to explore, engage with our content, and leverage our insights to drive your success in the dynamic world of IT recruitment and consulting.

Insights Series

AWS Talent Intelligence UK

A Certification in AWS ranks among the top 3 IT skills in demand globally, including major technology markets. The growth in demand for certified talent across key domains (Security, Database, Analytics & Networking) validates the growth of in-demand skills.

Insights Series

The Salesforce Talent Market Place – An Analysis

In view of the increasing spend by businesses across verticals on cloud computing, it is estimated that 50% of all software sales will eventually be in the Cloud domain. Add to this, the growth in spending that is expected to hover around 19% CAGR between 2019 and 2024.

Insights Series

Cloud Computing Talent Intelligence US

We have covered two key cloud technologies/vendors – AWS and Microsoft Azure, which together constitute more than 50% of the global cloud infrastructure space, namely Infrastructure-as-a-service.

Insights Series

In Demand Tech Skill for 2021

The report is a summary and a trend indicator of the various technology skills that are in demand globally in 2021, not only from a maturity perspective, but also from a business-need point of view.

Insights Series

Technology Talent Moves – UK

Data from LinkedIn, which forms the basis of our report, collected over the months of May & June 2021, segregates the sample in terms of levels of appointment, number of joins by company, competency areas they belong to, industries they have been a part of from an end-client perspective and finally the companies that are losing talent to competitors.


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Amit Kumar

President and Co-Founder

Amit has a diverse background in multiple industries including automobile, telecom, and banking, and is passionate about scaling up operations.

Amit has played an instrumental role in scaling operations of Avance Consulting and scaling it to over 10 countries with a team size of over 700 people and is rated as one of the top technology staffing companies in Europe.

Amit is passionate about coaching and building talent. He has been on the advisory board of a school. He has not only invested in multiple early stage start-ups but also coached entrepreneurs on scaling up their businesses.

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Pravin has been a serial entrepreneur all through his professional life, co-founded 2 successful companies and helped another start up build their business to give a successful exit. He has worked in the media and entertainment industry with focus on video games, animation and advertising across India and UK. He had a successful exit from his first few start-ups, Octoplus Entertainment (video-games and animation); and PhoneSpots (mobile advertising). 

Pravin is onto his 3rd venture, Avance Consulting, which is in the field of HR and Talent Solutions. Avance has operations in over 10 countries with a team size of 700 people and is rated as one of the top technology staffing companies in Europe. He is also an active investor in start-ups, especially, in early-stage companies. He has invested in over 10 different companies in the field of Ad-tech, HR-tech, and Reg-tech. He is passionate about start-ups and scaling up.